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  Patient Forms

We have found that our patients who understand their chiropractic care respond more quickly to their care, and enjoy increased overall health. For this reason, we require all patients to read and ask questions regarding their health. “Ask and you will receive.” You are encouraged to bring your spouse, children, extended family member, or a friend with you to our office. This will help your loved ones to understand the care you are receiving. The more positive support you receive during your care, the better your results will be. For your convenience, we will also schedule a special consultation for a family member.

Browse our website for information on the benefits of chiropractic care for overall wellbeing. More specialized brochures and books about chiropractic are available in our office. Come in and feel free to browse and take the ones you are interested in, or ask for more specific information.

We offer our paperwork on line so you can complete it in the convenience of your own home. Here are the essential forms we use:

New Patient Forms
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Chappaqua Chiropractic Care Policies
PDF File Download & Print Form

Doctor Patient Relationship
PDF File Download & Print Form

Auto Accident Form
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Worker's Compensation Form
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PDF File Pg 3 - Download & Print Form
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Upon Your First Visit

  • Our receptionist will greet you with a smile, you will then be asked to fill out some Patient forms.
  • A consultation with the doctor to discuss your problem.
  • A complete history and exam will be performed to locate the cause of the problem.
  • Safe, low dose X-rays will be taken, if indicated.
  • A complete review of findings with recommendations for care will be scheduled.
  • Approximate time of first visit 1-1/2 hours.
  • If yours is not our case, referral to another professional will be made.

Waiting Room

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